Hardcore Horsepower, LLC Store Pricing, Returns, Layaway and Deposits, Warranty Policies

Store Pricing Policy: While Hardcore Horsepower, LLC continually updates its prices to remain competitive, we reserve the right to change prices on any item at any time. If a price increase is required on any item after it has been purchased and paid for, but before the buyer takes possession of it, the buyer will be notified of the price increase and given the opportunity to cancel the transaction. A store credit equal to the buyer’s full payment amount up to that point, if received by Hardcore Horsepower, LLC before notice of price increase, will be granted less any time spent by Hardcore Horsepower, LLC to work on or complete the transaction or product, (billed hourly), and less any fees withheld by eBay or PayPal or any other bank or payment processing services. If Hardcore Horsepower, LLC has purchased any parts required for this transaction prior to customer’s notice of cancellation, those parts will be given to customer, at sale price value, in lieu of a full refund. Any remaining funds from the transaction will be provided as a store credit only.

Shipping: We ship ground services via carrier of our choice, at our discretion, and only to PayPal verified/confirmed account addresses unless otherwise stated. We will not ship to P.O. boxes or unverified/unconfirmed addresses. We can try to expedite faster shipping if desired. Please email your verified PayPal shipping address for a quote. Rush shipments must be paid in full by 3pm Central Time to go out same day.

Return Policy: Returns accepted on new, unused, unmodified, uninstalled items in original, undamaged packaging only. A 25% re-stocking fee may be assessed on any special order parts or substituted parts as well as on all non-defective parts returned and any returns due to buyer's decision. A PayPal processing fee may be assessed to all purchases and refunds made using PayPal. All original parts/products, boxes, packaging, warranties, instruction manuals, and literature must be returned with the item, and must be in "NEW" condition, subject to evaluation by Hardcore Horsepower, LLC staff or representatives. Buyer is responsible for paying all return shipping fees on any item purchased. Any/all shipping fees paid will not be refunded.

Deposits: All Deposit payments are non-refundable, except for approved product warranty purposes.

Layaway: No-interest 6- or 12-month Layaway program. Terms: Minimum 20% down payment due at close of sale. The remaining balance will be divided into 6 or 12 equal payments, whichever customer prefers, which will be due on the 1st day of each month thereafter until the balance is paid in full. Products will be ordered, and/or built/assembled, and/or shipped, (if carried in-stock), only after full payment has been received. All Layaway payments are non-refundable, except for approved product warranty purposes.

Layaway Period Price Increase Terms: If a price increase is required on any item after it has been purchased utilizing our Layaway program, Buyer will be responsible for paying the addition costs and their remaining balance will be adjusted to reflect the price increase. Buyer will be notified, in writing, within 10-days of the price increase and given the opportunity to cancel their purchase and receive a refund, less 20% of the paid balance up to the point of customer cancellation. All Cancellation Notices must be received IN WRITING, faxed to our store with the buyer's name and signature acknowledging their refund, less 20%. If buyer fails to respond, in writing, to the Notice of Price Increase within 15 days after Notification has been issued, Buyer will forfeit 100% of any/all payments/deposits made up to that point and transaction will be canceled. All Deposit and Layaway payments are non-refundable, except as noted above and for approved product warranty purposes only. Any missed or late Layaway payments will result in forfeiture of all payments made up to that point and cancellation of transaction without refund. If buyer chooses to cancel transaction for any reason, or if Buyer misses any Layaway Payments due, Buyer will forfeit any and all rights to report Negative Feedback for our eBay store.

New merchandise sold is warranted against defects of material or workmanship for a length of time determined by the new product manufacturer. All new product warranties/guarantees are provided solely by, and subject to, the product manufacturer’s terms and conditions as provided with the new products. Any alterations, improper installations, or improper use/selection of products will void all warranty/s. Any rotating assembly that has been balanced, or any component that has been bored, honed, or machined/altered from its as-shipped state is not returnable. Inspect your order upon receipt and immediately contact Hardcore Horsepower, LLC in writing if there are errors, omissions, or defective parts. Any shipping/invoicing errors made must be corrected within 5 days after receiving the merchandise. MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR PARTS to ensure that what you received is what you ordered before altering or installing it (misboxed/miscoded items apply also). If the part has been altered in any way, all warranties against defects of material or workmanship are void and the parts are not returnable. Certain manufacturer’s warranty exclusions/conditions may apply. All merchandise warranties are limited to replacing or repairing of the merchandise only. Hardcore Horsepower, LLC and/or the manufacturers will inspect all parts to determine the proper course of action. In the event a returned new product is deemed defective by Hardcore Horsepower, LLC or its representatives, Hardcore Horsepower, LLC will return the product to its manufacturer and attempt to negotiate a reasonable settlement on our customer’s behalf. Any claims for other damages, labor, towing, freight/shipping, or time/money lost/spent will not be honored. A PayPal processing fee will be assessed to all warranty refunds processed after the PayPal Refund cutoff date for all returns purchased in the USA. Cross-Border transactions will be charged 5%.

Street and Pump Gas Engine Limited Warranty: Due to the nature of their one-of-a-kind, high performance engines, Hardcore Horsepower, LLC offers a limited 3-years/60,000-mile warranty against engine component malfunctions, (ECU, electronic components, and nitrous components excluded). This warranty is valid only if the engine, ECU if equipped, all required engine electrical components/wiring, all cooling system components, all fuel system components, all induction system components, all progressive nitrous controls if equipped, all motor oils/lubricants, all filters, and the proper fuel and spark plugs are installed and run during the entire warranty period as recommended by Hardcore Horsepower, LLC. This warranty does not cover damage to the engine or any of its components caused by, or as a result of: misuse, abuse, racing, over-revs, under-revs (i.e. too low idle rpm), customer neglect/negligence, incorrect/inappropriate or unapproved installations, use of non-approved fuels/oils/filters/spark plugs, any unapproved changes to any of the supplied engine parts, any unapproved changes to the ECU or its programming, any unapproved changes or modifications to the supplied NOS system, or any unapproved tuning/modifications/additions or deletions to any part of the engine. All customer-initiated tuning and/or modifications must be pre-approved in advance by Hardcore Horsepower, LLC or its authorized representatives for warranty to remain valid. Warranty covers repair or replacement only, at Hardcore Horsepower’s sole discretion, of damaged or defective internal engine components purchased from, supplied by, and installed by Hardcore Horsepower, LLC. Warranty does not cover any fees, taxes, freight/shipping, time/money lost/spent, or towing/labor charges to remove and/or reinstall any parts or engine for warranty inspection and repair purposes. All products used in Hardcore Horsepower engines are protected against defects in workmanship and materials by their original manufacturer’s warranties. Warranty period begins when customer takes possession of engine. Prior authorization is required from Hardcore Horsepower, LLC before warranty work is begun. Call Hardcore Horsepower, LLC direct for a numbered authorization. Warranty claims with Hardcore Horsepower, LLC can take 6 or more months to process. Additional terms may apply.

Validity: If any portion of this Agreement is held to be invalid, its invalidity will not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement.

Hardcore Horsepower, LLC reserves the right to change or modify any/all policy terms/details at any time without further notice. All policy terms/details modifications will apply to all sales, past, present, and future and will be effective retroactively to any/all pending sales.