About Us

At Hardcore Horsepower and Dyno Testing we specialize in making your ride gofast! We have 25+ years experience in the automotive after market industry and can build or customize almost any application. We are experts at making tons of streetable horsepower and have performed 1,000's of dyno tests on hundreds of engines to find the best combinations. We build, test, tune, and modify high performance American V8 engines and vehicles in-house. And we sell high-performance complete engines and parts and engine kits online too.

Mike Petralia began his high performance career like many of us, bolting on different parts in vain, trying to make his car go faster than his buddy’s. After graduating high school in 1987, Mike’s obsessive hobby landed him a full-time job working the stock room, and then the front sales counter of Western Performance Inc., a well-respected speed shop and W.D. in Glendale, CA. Within the next year he moved into the Technical/Sales Dept. at Weiand Automotive Industries, which was just a few miles down the road in Los Angeles, CA.

Mike opened Hardcore Horsepower, LLC in 2007 and builds cars and engines for magazines and walk-in customers alike. In 2012 they added a state-of-the-art 2,000+hp engine dynamometer system to tune and test all types of engine combinations. Mike’s still active in the writing business too, freelancing a few stories a year for select titles. And he’s now a distributor for most of the big name parts in the aftermarket.

Mike installs and tests what he sells. And with over 10,000 dyno pulls logged on all types of engines, he knows how to make power and stands behind his products.